At Spurgeons, we are all about supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families facing huge challenges in their lives.

After Shonelle got caught up in one of the county lines drug gangs sweeping across the UK, she became a known trouble-maker in her community. Skipping school and missing from home, she was soon trapped in a downward spiral of substance and alcohol abuse.

That's when Spurgeons stepped in...

It’s amazing how words of encouragement and dedicated support can change someone's life, but that’s what happened to Shonelle when she was referred to BeLeave - a specialist project run by Spurgeons in the West Midlands.

BeLeave helped Shonelle to develop self-confidence and resilience through one-to-ones, family sessions and group activities expressing Christian values in practical, down-to-earth ways.

Shonelle is a totally different person today!

This confident young woman is working in a solicitor's office and is determined to become a solicitor herself one day. She's in a steady relationship and saving up to buy a house. Best of all, she now has a great relationship with her mum who just can't believe how much she's changed.

Shonelle's story is just the tip of the iceberg

There are more than 100 gangs, organised crime groups and county line drug trafficking operations in Birmingham alone. Girls are particularly vulnerable to exploitation as they're less likely to be stopped by the police.

Spurgeons BeLeave is the only service supporting girls and young women like Shonelle and their families in and around Birmingham.

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