You’d love Daniel if you met him; he’s an incredible young boy with a big heart. Today he’ll be busy. Daniel is a young carer and he’ll have to help his Mum, and his older brother, as he does every day.
His Mum has a physical disability that affects her movement. Though Daniel loves his Mum deeply and is very protective of her, the last year has been particularly difficult for him.

Daniel’s concern over his Mum’s health and safety - while he was apart from her at school – has caused him huge stress. He feared she would fall and have to go back into hospital without him being there or being aware.
His Mum also suffers with various other health issues that have previously hospitalised her. The fear and anxiety of what might happen dramatically affected his mental and emotional health. Then, due to the stress he was under, he started to experience chest pains.

Your gift today could help provide respite for a Young Carer, to give them a short break from their caring responsibilities. Thank you.